I call myself a Crafty Energy Witch. I'm a maker, creater, designer and a practicing Witch. I love creating. Putting my energy into something that makes me feel good and enjoy doing. All forms of creating can be a great way to channel and increase your energy. Creating is therapy for many.  It can help with depression and anxiety and stress.  I find my stress levels decrease the more I create.  I work in a variety of mediums including vinyl work, designing, wood, herbs, oils and more.  Below you will find links to all the supplies and products you need to do any vinyl and crafting work.  I am an affliate for these companies.  I do make a small percentage off any purchases made through these links.  But I always have some great discounts to offer and will always share those with you.  Check back often for updates.

Looking for HTV or Regular Vinyl.   These are great companies to get all your vinyl needs.

Expressions Vinyl

Vinyl Direct

Vinyl Supplies

Looking for a new Cricut or any of the Cricut products.  Click the link below.

Shop Cricut

Cricut Products

Check out Happy Crafters for a great selection of craft supplies

Happy Crafters

Crafting Supplies

Craftin' Magic Workshops

Be sure to checkout our Craftin' Magic Workshops too.  Always fun, relaxing and creative projects we are working on.  Something for everyone to try at every skill level.

Links To Checkout

Inspiration Station.  A great local shop in Stafford that caters to your creative energy.

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