I've been doing workshops for several years now. Doing so to bring women together to teach a variety of alternative and creative outlets. We all deal with so much in our daily lives. Many of us need to find a creative outlet to help deal with anxiety, depression or just the daily stresses of life. Creating and design has always been an outlet for me in relieving stress.  

These workshops are focused on fun and therapeutic ways to relieve your stress and anxiety. They will include sign making, painting, vinyl work, tote bags, tea towels and variety of other mediums.  

Workshops can be hosted at your home, your place of business, ladies night events , breweries or restaurants.

 We bring the creative therapy to you. Host earns $5 of each paid guest. Minimum of 8-10 guests per booking. Each class is roughly 2 hours long.

Average workshops are 8-15 people depending on size of venue. We take care of the setup, booking and payments.

Workshops costs per person average $25-$45
Interested in hosting one at your location? Contact Renee at Renee@cosmicmoons.com.

2019 Cosmic Moons

Stafford Springs, CT

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